CalligrAPHY workshop

guest workshop by Katerina Rahmanova

About the workshop

On the 12th of November, we are hosting a calligraphy workshop at our studio, which will be lead by a wonderful lady, Katerina Rahmanova, creator of the Traveling Calligraphy project. Katerina has been travelling the world to introduce this ancient technique to people in different countries. We are so happy to be able to share this beautiful art with you!


During this 5 hour workshop you will be briefly introduced to the history of ancient art of calligraphy and its meaning nowadays. Using one of the classical writing tools, pointed pen, you will be practising writing, work on basic exercises, practice each and every letter of the alphabet.


This workshop is perfect for beginners, but also for those, who had tried calligraphy or lettering before and want to explore their writing skills further or learn a new writing technique. In a cosy atmosphere in a small group of 8 people you will have a wonderful opportunity to slow down, come back to the analogue ways of writing, and take a new experience with you.

All the photographs below were taken during other Traveling Calligraphy workshops.

Time: 12 of November, 10 to 15 with a short brake

Price: 68€ including all materials (copybook, ink, brush, pointed pen and a holder)

Address: Hellkamp 60, 20257 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

Language: this workshop will be held in English

Tea and delicious vegan snacks included in price


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